EVERY Co presents “the world’s first animal-free egg white” tested in the “Holy Grail” app: macaron.

It was developed differently from plant-based eggs Just eatZero Egg, Spero Foods, Nabati Foods, Evo Foods and others, EVERY EggWhite contains “real” egg proteins made from chickens (proteins produced in genetically modified microbes in fermentation tanks), making EVERY Co. extremely difficult to reproduce with functional properties with vegetable proteins.

So how close is EVERY EggWhite – the third commercial product from The EVERY Co’s precision fermentation platform – to normal egg white, a complex product high in ovalbumin and ovotransferrin, as well as ovomucoid, ovomucin and lysozyme?

The company does not currently disclose the composition of ALL EggWhite, but the founder and CEO of Arturo Elizondo has confirmed that it contains a combination of egg whites, including albumin (the most common protein in egg whites), which provides key functional properties (aeration, whipping, foaming, binding, makers are looking for, which is a definite advantage over plant-based eggs in applications such as bakery products.

“Every EggWhite tastes, whips and gels like chicken egg white to provide the same height, foam stability, aeration and texture for baking and can be used in applications ranging from cakes, pastries and breads to protein. bars, vegetable-based meats and pasta. “)

Arturo Elizondo in EVERY HQ kitchen

“Egg white is one of the crown jewels in the food industry, known for its unique functional properties that make it almost impossible to replace – to this day.” Arturo Elizondo is the founder and CEO of The EVERY Company

“Over the past five years, our main goal has been to bring yields really high enough to compete sensibly on a scale.”

EVERY Company, which mined the egg proteome)new hyperfunctional proteins ” may be expressed in yeast or other organisms – it has already marketed two ingredients marketed exclusively by Ingredion and available worldwide: an animal-free pepsin, an enzyme traditionally derived from the stomach of pigs; and a very soluble, “almost invisible” protein, EVERY ClearEgg, which is biologically identical to the glycoprotein in egg white.


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