The best way to spend noisy miles in Animal Crossing

Players get plenty of Nook Miles Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the myriad spending opportunities can make it difficult to determine which product is the best purchase. Nook Miles is a currency that has been introduced New Horizons which players can earn by performing daily tasks, such as catching a certain number of beetles or fish, or talking to different villagers. There are some mandatory Nook Miles purchases that players must make to advance in the earliest stages of the game, such as setting up their tents, but after that, players are free to spend Nook Miles as they wish.

Nook Miles are often coveted, thanks to the wide range of things to buy. Players can visit miles of special islands with Nook Miles Tickets or via Kapp’n Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These are usually great ways to spend Nook Miles if a player doesn’t have to spend many miles on others, or for Nook Miles Tickets when a player wants to find a new village who can move to their island.


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However, before players get this far, there is no shortage of goods and services for which they can spend their hard-earned Nook Miles. Anyone who prefers to customize their characters has five hairstyle sets, some new eye colors, and even body painting options that you can buy for miles. Players who like to communicate with others in multiplayer mode should purchase reaction kits as early as possible. And there are all kinds of furniture that can be used to decorate almost any island. But there are purchases that all players must make, no matter how important they are. Animal Crossing: New Horizons island life. These items will always be relevant; Even after hosting an island for several years, players can still use these items and upgrades. Once the player is integrated, he can spend his miles on more specific things he wants, such as paying Kapp’n to get to a special island or topping up Nook Miles Tickets to find specific villagers.

Nook Miles purchases at Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Nook Miles symbol in Animal Crossing New Horizons

The “Tool Ring: Essential!” The product costs just 800 Nook Miles, and that’s one of the first things players have to spend their miles on. The tool ring is a new feature Animal Crossing: New Horizons This allows players to assign up to eight different devices to a convenient context menu. This menu, once unlocked, can be accessed by pressing the D-pad when it is out. Easy to switch between up to eight different ones Animals can pass The devices on the go are an important quality of life feature that makes the game incredibly comfortable and personalized. Players who want to focus on catching creatures can fill their tool rings with tools like axes, fishing rods, and nets, while players looking to redesign their island can assign axes, paddles, and a jump rod. Players who organize gatherings are more likely to put drinks, fireworks, and balloons in the ring.

Another essential Nook Mile purchase is “Be a Chef! DIY Recipes +. ” This 3,000-mile lot dissolves the cooking and contains eight different appetizer recipes. It was a highly anticipated addition to cooking Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the 2.0 update, and because of the extensive recipe catalog, it was worth the wait. Players can use a combination of fruits, fish, and harvestable ingredients to make all sorts of delicious treats that can be consumed to restore energy, sold for Bells, or placed as decorations.

“Pretty Good Tools Recipes” is also needed for island life Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This item also costs 3,000 miles and teaches players DIY recipes for high-quality tools: the stone ax and ordinary ax, the fishing rod and net, and the shovel and watering can. It’s helpful to know how to make these traditional tools, because even their golden version can break New Horizons, which means players can miss devices if they are not careful. Access to the DIY recipes on the tools will help save the Bells – as they are expensive at Nook’s Cranny – and it’s convenient if players don’t have access to the store, such as when visiting a Nook Miles Island. on a tour of Kapp’n Island, or the store is simply closed.

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Players can also expand their Island Designer app with Nook Mile purchases. In addition to the default grass and dirt trails, players can purchase eight additional designs. Each route costs 2,000 Nook Miles each, except for the custom-designed route, which costs 2,300 miles. Routes are essential during customization New Horizons islands and can not only affect the appearance of the soil: coconut trees can be planted on sandy trails so players can plant them anywhere, not just on the beaches of their island.

The last major Nook Miles purchase for players is the “Pocket Management Guide” and “Ultimate Pocket Stuffing” items. Purchases of 5,000 and 8,000 miles, respectively, are among the most expensive purchases made by players with their miles, but the convenience they offer makes up for it. Players start Animal Crossing: New Horizons there are only 20 places available to store items in their pockets, but each of these Nook Mile items increases that capacity by 10. With both purchases, players can keep up to 40 items, which is useful regardless of the situation. Whether they go on a shopping trip, the village man is looking New HorizonsCollecting mysterious islands, material from Kapp’n island tours, or massive redecoration of their island – players will always benefit from having as many pocket spaces as possible.

Animal Crossing Priority: New Horizons Nook Miles Spending Later

Update for Animal Crossing New Horizons Storage Shed

The recipe for Storage Shed Furniture and Wooden Storage Shed DIY is a great purchase for players looking to renovate their island, as it allows them to access their home storage from where the shed is. Both the batch and the DIY recipe cost 6,000 miles, which can be quite expensive. Players who want to save miles and don’t mind Mario series aesthetics instead, you can choose to buy two Warp Pipe products with bells and place one Warp Pipe near your home and keep the other in your pocket for a quick trip. However, there is not so much replacement for fences; Players can purchase up to 22 different fences and even customize them Animal Crossing: New Horizons fence through Nook Miles purchases. Fences are an essential part of island decoration, so it’s worth paying 1,000 miles for each recipe and 2,500 miles for customizing them.

Nook Miles can also be used to upgrade the custom-designed slot and allow players to access the custom-designed kiosk directly from their Nook Phone, which is invaluable to everyone. Animal Crossing: New Horizons A player who likes to wear extremely creative, unique clothes made by players over the years, or to decorate their island with unique patterns such as paths, foliage, posters, and more. Even players who don’t fill their islands with a lot of unique designs will still find the convenience of these upgrades useful, especially as players are constantly straining their creative muscles and creating and sharing additional custom designs.

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