The drunken guest is causing a disgusting scene in Disney’s wildlife

The four parks at Walt Disney World Resort, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and EPCOT, and their actors are known for always doing their best to keep the parks a safe, family-friendly environment.

Disney World Tour
credit: Disney

However, some guests may go beyond creating disturbing situations for actors and park safety, which they must manage and resolve as effectively as possible so as not to affect the visits of other guests.

Such was the case of a drunk Guest who caused a huge scene in Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Pandora – The World of Avatar.

pandora at night
credit: Disney

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The actors were called to the rainforest part of the Flight Of Passage waiting list, where a drunken Guest lay unconscious on the ground. When the actors approached him, it was infamous that the Guest was in an unpleasant condition due to the strong smell of alcohol.

Drinks in Pongu Pongu, Pandora, the world of Avatar
credit: Disney

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This troubled guest was then escorted by the actors and Park security staff, where they were checked to see if he had any ID and no other guests with him. They also found a bottle of plastic vodka that was clearly empty by then.

The search took place at the top of the Flight Of Passage showroom, a behind-the-scenes section that is usually inaccessible to guests. This information was originally posted in a TikTok video, but since the article was published, the user in question has deleted the video in question. Because of this, we have removed their social media data.

Google Earth pandora
Credit: Google Earth

Nevertheless, we can take a closer look at this building thanks to TikTok, published by BackDoorDisney (@backdoordisney), which captured a stunning view from the top of Pandora’s floating mountains.

View of the floating mountains of Pandoras
Credit: @backdoordisney

You can watch the full video below!

View from the top of the floating mountains of Pandora! #backdoordisney #disney #disneyworld #disneyland #backstage #fyp #foryoupage #avatar #pandora


View from the top of the floating mountains of Pandora! #backdoordisney #disney #disneyworld #disneyland #backstage #fyp #foryoupage #avatar #pandora

♬ Original sound – BackDoorDisney

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Even the most shocking part of this disturbing story happened at the top of this building as the guest tore off his pants and headed for the edge of the building. Fortunately, security guards were able to stop it before ruining the experience for even more guests that day.

View of the floating mountains of Pandora
Credit: @backdoordisney

While we know that not all guests will behave properly at Disney, it’s shocking to know what situations some troubled guests can cause in the most magical place on Earth. And while it’s true that Disney’s Animal Kingdom is one of the Disney Parks authorized to sell and consume alcoholic beverages, abuse of that right is never encouraged.

Oga's Cantina
credit: Disney

Guests are also not advised to bring their own alcoholic beverages into the parks as they are on the list of prohibited items. The Walt Disney World Resort Property Policy includes the following:

Alcoholic beverages except at Disney Resort hotels and Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. Wine is only available at Disney Springs at certain table service restaurants for an initial fee.

The rules for drinking alcohol in the parks are similar for Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, where the official website includes:

Guests at the Disneyland Resort can purchase alcoholic beverages at the age of 21 or older. The documents required to prove age differ for U.S. and non-U.S. Residents:

Residents of the United States

Residents of the United States wishing to purchase an alcoholic beverage at Disneyland Resort must present one of the following IDs:

An ID card issued by a government agency in the United States (federal state, province, * county) that includes:
Date of birth
Physical description of the person
Photo of the person
Expiration date
Valid, active U.S. armed ID (must include date of birth and portrait)
Valid original passport
Copies of temporary driving licenses, temporary identity cards and passports, driving licenses or identity cards will not be accepted.

* U.S. territories include Puerto Rico, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and American Samoa.

Non – US residents

For guests arriving from outside the United States, the original passport is the only form of identification; copies of non-U.S. licenses, ID cards, temporary ID cards and ID cards will not be accepted.

credit: Disney

Please note the rules and regulations of Walt Disney World Resort prior to arrival, as violation of these policies may result in kicking out of property, life imprisonment or, in some cases, arrest.

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Would you rather stay dry at Disney Parks? Or do you enjoy alcoholic offers responsibly when you visit? Let us know in the comments below!

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