Santa Rosa animal rescuers are looking for a new home

Anna Hill, a registered veterinarian, is grateful to the compassionate owner who, for the past few years, has allowed her family of three to keep pets – many pets.

Now she hopes her husband, RW Hessler, a bookstore clerk, and her 11-year-old son, Waylon, will find another pet-friendly accommodation in or around Santa Rosa to welcome them and their beloved cats and dogs. Four blind cats, one “normal” cat and three outdoor stable cats are skilled in reducing rodent problems. There are also five dogs in the family, four of them with special needs, most of whom have been rescued from severe neglect, abuse and illness.

The 16-member family will have to find a home to rent until June, when their master’s daughter moves into the humble 1928 home in Santa Rosa’s Burbank Gardens.

“I don’t ask them to leave because of them,” said their owner, Carol Sanders, who was previously owned by her parents. – I shed tears at the decision.

Sanders ’32-year-old daughter returned to Santa Rosa a few years ago, moving home while hoping to get her own house. Renovation of family rentals has become the best solution in the county due to soaring house prices. She plans to renovate the two-bedroom, one-bath house, where she spent a lot of time with her grandparents as a child.

Hill and Hessler do not regret the situation. “I see,” Hill said. “Her daughter is the first. She moves in, repairs, and makes her the home of her dreams. I’m glad.”

The couple is now working to find an affordable apartment (preferably with a fenced yard) for a maximum rent of $ 2,000 a month. Around Thanksgiving, they were notified they had three months to leave. Sanders extended this later until June to avoid disrupting Waylon’s school year, for which the family is grateful.

They would love to stay in Santa Rosa, where Hessler works for Copperfield’s Books and Hill for the Sonoma County Humane Society, and occasionally for Compassion Without Borders, a Santa Rosa-based animal rescue organization. Waylon is a fifth-grader at the Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts; volunteers from the Compassion Without Borders organization; and will soon appear as a scarecrow in a children’s theatrical production, “The Oz Wizard”.

Hill grew up in Forestville and her husband is happily transferred from Ohio.

Staying close to Santa Rosa means “everything,” he said. “Here is our community. Waylon loves his school and has a soul mate, his best friend. ”

It’s just as important that your family of pets thrive.

“He cared for animals that are blind, deaf, cancerous, those that have missing limbs, missing eyes, and currently a cat that lacks both eyes. Had it not been for Anna, many of these animals would have been anesthetized, ”said Lisa Labrecque, a veterinarian who works as the director of veterinary services at the local Humane Society, where she works with Hill.

One of the family’s favorites today is a social media sensation with its own Facebook page and more than 312,000 followers. The calm cat, a fluffy, orange, and white tabby, Murdock the Marvelous, was as sick as a stray kitten that its severely infected eyes ruptured and then surgically removed. Hill cared for Murdock and provided constant care; today he is among the cherished members of their family.

Another pet, a chihuahua named Fuzzgruble, was rescued from Mexico at an older age with a fracture of the leg and jaw and a dislocated nose.

All cats are trained in a litter box, and older dogs with special needs are equipped with a strap to prevent urinary tract accidents when the couple is away from home to put them in a pile.

Hill and Hessler have been looking for a house for their unique family for months, with repeated “no pets” restrictions. You can’t give up your pet. Hill said their cats in the barn could be re-housed as a last resort, but the other pets require special care that they are particularly adept at.

Veterinarian Christi Camblor is the co-founder and CEO of Compassion Without Borders and a neighbor of the family.

“(Hill) is really the only chance many of these guys will ever have to live at home,” Camblor said. “She has a really nice heart and is attracted to the less fortunate, so to speak. They are still thriving in his care. ”

Camblor said he and others working in animal rescue are hoping the family will soon find a home. “We all really hope you get a reward (for your compassion).”

Sanders is willing to give a reference.

“They are very, very kind, peaceful, loving and accepting people,” he said.

They were good tenants, always paying $ 1,700 in rent, and they were understanding of the occasional problems that arise from living in an older house that needs to be repaired.

The housing crisis in the county – from rents to housing prices – is affecting a lot of people, Sanders said in Santa Rosa. “It doesn’t seem feasible for young people (to ever have their own home).

Hill witnessed the effects.

“I see animals being given up all the time because of housing problems,” he said. “They’re scared and sad, and that’s heartbreaking.”

Although the family lives from pay to pay, Hill and Hessler have cut as much as possible to save for their move. They went to the holiday without Christmas presents and “trendy food”; don’t go out; and a strict budget should be maintained for the necessary cost of living as well as the cost of pet food and medicines.

More than 100 people responded to the GoFundMe campaign, which was created to help cover the family’s relocation costs. Many strangers follow Murdock, the Marvelous, and express their gratitude to Hill for rescuing the animals.

Thanks to Hill Waylon for helping animals that are now valued pets. Many started with their foster parents, and Waylon provided plenty of love and affection. “It has magical powers,” Hill said. – I don’t know what’s going on with Waylon.

He and Hessler try to stay optimistic, but the stress and anxiety is felt. They are worried about having to move out of the county where the family is happy and attached. They want their pets to stay safe in a loving home.

“They are all so happy. They fit, ”Hill said. “They are our family. Who will take them if I don’t? ”

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